A touch of Caribbean & French Patisserie in Melbourne.
Best Caribbean and French bakery.
We aim to deliver fresh and traditional cakes and makes you discover the beauty of the French Caribbean and France.

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About Us

Behind Kanelle and get to know us a little more

What’s Kanelle ?

Kanelle originally called “Cannelle‘’ in French means cinnamon.

In the West Indies, Cinnamon is an essential kitchen staple that is used to flavour sweet and savory dishes. Ginger, nutmeg, and clove also tops the essential spice list.


Back in the Caribbean the cinnamon we purchase are large and doesn’t have a uniform shape, unlike the ones available here which take a perfectly round shape. The flavour however is the same. Local factories source Cinnamon fresh from the tree.


Guadeloupe and Martinique are big producers of raw chocolate, vanilla beans, and rum, therefore all these products are available in abundance at the local markets.


Despite Kanelle’s kitchen being all the way here in Australia, we still create our desserts using top quality raw chocolate, vanilla, and rum, just to add that fine rich touch.


Usually it is very easy to find because of the number of local market all around the island

About Us

Our Special Team

Behind Kanelle and get to know us a little more.

About Us
About Us


Our Story

Kanelle began in 2019 by the ambitious duo of brothers Chris and Chrisley, who wanted to add a touch of Caribbean + French to Melbourne by taking them on a culinary journey.


After gaining valued experience working in prestigious venues in Japan, France and right here in Australia, the duo ventured out to make their dream come through by opening up the first online Caribbean & French bakery/patisserie in Melbourne.


Their Mother who is a professional chef come from Guadeloupe and Father from Martinique in the French West Indies. This background have influenced Chris and Chrisley to stand where they are today. Being influenced by their heritage and traditions, they aspire to create fusion food by balancing creativity, innovation and cultural authenticity. They are eager to share their childhood nostalgia with everyone here in Melbourne, by doing what they love the most; creating food.

Chris and Chrisley always been influenced by their heritage with a touch of tradition.
Their decide to merge with fresh ideas and modernise caribbean dessert with keeping traditional flavour and texture.
Nostalgia of their childhood and firmly decide to share to the peoples of Melbourne new flavours, newest cultures and undiscovery tastes.
For objectifs to deliver quality cakes and availables options for allergies, intolerants, vegans and gluten free for our customers.

Our Story

As the brothers like to say: “What’s a better way to touch people, other than with food and a happy smile”.

Our Story

What’s Kanelle ?

Kanelle originally called ‘’ Cannelle ‘’ in French mean cinnamon.
In the West Indies, Cinnamon is a spices that we use for our everyday cooking.

Those spices are the one than we always use thru our cooking for sweet and savory dishes.

The Caribbean Culture

First, I’d like to ask you if you know where are the West Indies ??
Probably you know or don’t but i’m going to tell and show you.
So what we call West Indies is region who includes many island like Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucie, Martinique, Guadeloupe and the list goes on……..
So yes, in Martinique and Guadeloupe they speak French and Creoles and we’re still under France rules.

Our Story
About Us

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